Episode 3

"A Restoration Slam Dunk!"


October 27th, 2020

28 mins 33 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

Welcome back to Toxic, the Mess at Smurfit Stone. In this episode, we talk with our team of experts about superfund, sludge ponds, and solutions. While Superfund can be complicated and mired in bureaucracy, it can get done. In fact, it’s been done! Hear the story of the Milltown Dam. What does the Smurfit Mill Site and a giant ice-dam have to do with eachother? Find out on this, our final episode of Toxic, The Mess at Smurfit Stone.

When staring this project, the milltown dam continued to come up in conversation. We needed a history lesson, both on the milltown dam, but also, what exactly SuperFund is. This episode helps answer both.

Thank you for listening! We hope you learned something, and most of all, we hope you’ll help us take action. Three things you can do that take even less than 10 minutes!

Contact the EPA, Sign our Letter of Support, And engage with this campaign. Visit clarkfork.org to take action. That’s ClarkFork.org. Let’s clean Smurfit now.

Clark Fork Coalition: www.clarkfork.org
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